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Tactile communication

Communicating with another human being through touch. This includes day to day interactions such as shaking hands and is part of the overall communication with a potential supporter.


Target market

This is the group of people to which you are marketing a product or service. The service or goods being marketed should be perfect for that audience, meetings its personal preferences in an ideal way. Charities and companies need to first segment a market into categories before then choosing targets. The more research a charity has about its supporters or service users, the better it can target its fundraising or services appropriately.



Clearly defined goals to aim to achieve.
See Fundraising Targets


Telephone Fundraising

Often used to define fundraising where new business is driven by telemarketing professionals especially trained for the purpose. Sometimes they can be used to secure leads for other fundraisers to then develop the relationship further. Telemarketing is often used to define where the telecanvassers are only conducting pre-sales activity. Telesales is more where the entire sales function is carried out by telephone.


Third Sector

Another name for the voluntary and non profit sector as opposed to the private / commercial sector and public sector.
It is also the name of a weekly magazine for the sector.



Telephone Preference Service
A public service where people and smaller companies can subscribe to and then not receive unsolicited telephone calls. Organisations have to clean their cold calling lists against the TPS lists at least every 28 days.



In a charity, trustees are an unpaid board of management for the organisation. They can be called a Board of Trustees, Board of Management, Management Committee or something similar. They have responsibility for the overall management of the organisation and appoint the most senior staff member.


Trusts fundraising

Fundraising from charitable trusts.



Usually refers to the total income or an organisation in a set period of time, usually a year. Would include all sources of income for charities and voluntary organisations, from statutory and grant income, to fundraising and other unrestricted income.

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