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Cash Cow

A fundraising or general product that has a good share of the market but has very little potential to grow.


Chief Executive Officer
The most senior paid member of staff in charge of an organisation. Sometimes just called Chief Executive or, in some organisations, they may have other titles such as Director General.

Charitable Trusts

These are charities set up for the purpose of giving grants out to individuals or other causes.


Slang abbreviation for 'Charity Muggers' referring the staff carrying out face to face fundraising in the high street.
Chuggers usually operate in groups of four.


Slang abbreviation for 'Charity Mugging' referring to face to face fundraising, usually by teams of canvassers in the high street from agencies.


A document which alters an existing will.

Competitor Analysis

Monitoring your competitors to discover their strategies and how they could affect your own organisation. This analysis can help you develop an advantage over such competitors.

Corporate Fundraising

Fundraising from companies / the commercial sector. Can be straight donations, cause related marketing, sponsorship, employee fundraising, charity of the year, etc


Council For Voluntary Service(s)
Valuable umberella organisations serving the sector, providing advice and access to useful resource guides and support for charities and other non profit organisations in a locality.

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